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Pagan Renewal: A Brief Exposition

If Reform Paganism is, as we say, a new branch of the Great Tree of Paganism, then the living Pith of this branch consists in our conviction, vision, and mission:

We affirm our conviction that all persons possess an innate spiritual capacity rooted in Nature.

We affirm our vision of humanity’s once and future faith, inspired by both ancient wisdom and modern learning, ever reforming for the present and the future.

We affirm our mission to promote the restoration of this timeless faith for the highest good of all.

What does this mean? Where do Reform Paganism’s Fifteen Theses and Five Elements fit? How does all this relate to the Pagan Renewal? Allow me to explain… Continue reading Pagan Renewal: A Brief Exposition

Reform Pagan Practice 101: Spiritual Actualization

This post is the fifth of five installments in Baldr Frostflame’s “Reform Pagan Practice 101” series, giving his high-level overview of Reform Pagan practice.

Reform Pagans believe that divinity, which some of us call the flowing spirit of Awen, arises and resides within each person. Some of us say that the source of spirit is the union of matter and energy (potentiality, symbolized by the Goddess) with the forces of order and chaos (actuality, symbolized by the God), culminating in the emergence (symbolized by the divine child of the Goddess and the God) of the psyche from inanimate (meaning “spiritless”) matter, energy, and forces. Continue reading Reform Pagan Practice 101: Spiritual Actualization