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    • Amber, merry meet!

      • Thanks! I’m in the Seattle area and am in serious search of a grounded, mature Pagan community. I’ve visited OLOTEAS a few times but it hasn’t stuck. I tried a couple women-only groups but I want to be with both women and men. Lastly, I tried a goddess church that borrows space at the Unitarian church of Shoreline, but upon being preached at by their far-leftist leader I noped right out and don’t plan to return. I’m at wit’s end to find a tribe. Help?

        • Amber, finding a group can be tough, but the Pagan community in Seattle is healthy, and if you keep making connections, I know you’ll find one that’s right for you 🙂 We would always love for you to visit us at Pagan Renewal Seattle:

        • Incidentally, we have a gathering this evening (a book discussion) that would be a wonderful opportunity for you to meet some of our members, if you’re interested. Please feel free to message me privately if you have questions I can answer about the group or this evening’s gathering. Blessings.

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