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Baldr Frostflame

Egalitarianism is a value that Pagan Renewal Seattle practices, yes, and any group that would like to affiliate and collaborate with us would also have to be egalitarian.

The spiritual journey, pilgrimage, and quest is individual, and it is also communal, so we hope that we would grow not only as individuals but also as groups and traditions. The vision is that local groups would each encompass a variety of different traditions and paths, yes, and we don’t set up a litmus test that requires anyone to maintain a particular theological or metaphysical outlook. We hold together by gathering around our flexible and adaptable core rather than by drawing boundary lines in the sand that say who is “inside” and who is “outside”.

All that said, we have to keep in mind that this is all just a vision for now, and it will be an experiment—we will have to see how the Pagan Renewal evolves.