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Olivia J Moffitt

Thanks for the explanation! That helped me understand better, and I’m sure as experiences accumulate in terms of forming groups, among other things, there will be more information on best approaches and/or practices. From what I understand that you are saying, groups could have a structure due to getting tax exempt status, but their spiritual structure would be egalitarian and individualistic. It’s kind of like being a librarian. The leadership structure (if the organization was pursuing tax exempt status) could share their experiences and their knowledge, but it is up to the individual to pursue whatever path fits them best or makes the most sense. And, from what I understand, people will be attending groups with a variety of spiritual pursuits and ideas about the world, correct? There is no core doctrine or theology, except for the 15 points and the other 5 as guidance principles, from what I understand. I was curious about starting a group, but I am not mature enough on my own path to start anything for quite a while.

Olivia M.