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Baldr Frostflame

Scott, I could offer a number of answers to your question, but let me start with just one for now.

I would begin by saying that I want Reform Paganism to provide a framework and community for spiritual growth and human flourishing.

Why? How? Well, I find Reform Paganism a natural and free expression of my inborn spirituality as an individual human person. And I view my individual spirituality within a broader context, which makes the larger conviction, vision, and mission of the Pagan Renewal essential in my opinion: I believe that my own highest spiritual and human fulfillment goes hand in hand with that of the broader human family, as we are all interconnected in Nature.

I have therefore come to think of the Pagan Renewal as like a coin with two sides: Pagan Reformation and Pagan Restoration. On the one hand, I want an ongoing process of reasoned and organic reform in Paganism to lay the foundation for restoring this once and future faith to a place of positive and transformational influence in today’s world; on the other hand, I want this vision of Paganism restored to lend us Reform Pagans a sense of mission and purpose.