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Baldr Frostflame

Hi, Scott—

From how you describe your concept of “poietic” faith, I think it would be compatible with Reform Paganism and the Pagan Renewal. Chaos Magic has a “meta-belief” concept to the effect that belief can serve a tool for achieving desired effects, and I think this concept sounds similar to what you are describing. Reform Paganism doesn’t prescribe a certain set of beliefs because we are more committed to the individual and collective spiritual journey, pilgrimage, and quest, recognizing that while our beliefs may change over time, those changing beliefs each figure in the broader journey, pilgrimage, and quest.

Reform Paganism therefore creates a space in which persons are free—even encouraged—to grow in spirit over time without the fear that a certain change in beliefs will put them “outside” our community. So blazing your own trail is normative, rather than transgressive.

Is that helpful? Thanks for asking. —BF