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I read a quote the other day from James Hollis:

“One of the most powerful shocks of the Middle Passage is the collapse of the tacit contract with the universe – the assumption that if we act correctly, if we are of good heart and good intentions things will work out. We assume a reciprocity with the universe. If we do our part, the universe with comply. Many ancient stories, including the Book of Job, painfully reveal there is no such contract, and everyone who goes through the Middle Passage is made aware of it.”

I have reflected on my own journeys of faith, from the good faith of the assumptive world, the discovery of bad faith and how others manipulated my good faith for their own ends, the savage faith of loss of belief in anything but the vital functions of breathing, heart-beating, getting out of bed because that is all there was to do.

I have come to the stage I call poietic faith, where we make up what we place our faith in.
The trails have all come to an end. It is time to blaze my own.

There seems to be some affinity with what I call poietic faith and what you call pagan renewal. What do you think?